d&b speaker systems are lightweight.  We have simply not found ANYTHING on the market
with a comparable power to weight ratio.  These speakers get loud and are small and weigh very
little, which makes implementing them in challenging spaces that much easier.

d&b speaker systems are efficient.  The amount of sound pressure level achievable with
these systems is truly staggering.  They draw a very modest amount of power and are able to
deliver copious amounts of sound.  Nothing else comes close.

d&b speaker systems sound phenomenal.  We've been in this business a very long time and
nothing we have ever heard compares with the uncolored sound quality of a d&b system.
Because the manufacturer has complete control of the entire signal chain from amplifier to
transducer, they are able to achieve unparalleled levels of processing and control, resulting in a
system that truly needs to be heard to be believed.

d&b speaker systems are a system.  All components from amplifier to cabinet to rigging
hardware to transducer are designed and manufactured by d&b, so everything works together
perfectly.  In addition, all d&b speakers are designed to have the same 'character' of sound,
which means that small and larger arrays can be mixed and matched to suit any application while
producing a uniform frequency response.

d&b speaker systems are extremely well engineered.  Germany has been renowned for it's
engineering excellence for decades and these systems have meticulous and fanatical German
engineering throughout.  From electronics to rigging to assembly, nothing is left to chance.

d&b speaker systems are durable and flexible.  We have used the same speaker systems
outside for a very loud political rally in a snowstorm that we have used in a ballroom for a high
profile corporate event.  We've used them in bitter cold and searing heat.  We've used them for
quiet intimate gatherings and for concert events. Due to the modular, building block nature of
their design, we've done events with 2 speaker cabinets and we've done events with 48 speaker
cabinets.  Nothing we have thrown at a d&b speaker system has appeared to even be much of a
challenge.  No difficult system tuning to worry about.  No hours of head-scratching trying to figure
out how to hang this speaker or cover that area.  Just set it up, plug it in, and have a good

What more could you ask for...                            
Why we love d&b speaker systems...
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