Hootie and the Blowfish

This demo was for our associates at National Events. The demo system
consisted of 24 Q1 line array elements, 4 Q10 full range speakers, 12 Q-SUB sub
woofers, 12 B2 sub woofers and 16 D12 amplifiers. The event was a concert to
benefit the St. Leonard's Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad and was attended by
approximately 2,500. The system delivered a flawless performance and was
compared, favorably, to a much larger system that had been used for a concert
held by the  SLVFD earlier that summer. Imagine that, smaller lighter and better
sounding ... it's all part of the
d&b system reality.
d&b audiotechnik
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As an authorized d&b audiotechnik reseller
with a ready for the show inventory, we have
the opportunity to provide prospective clients
with a true "kick the tires" experience. Below
are images from a few of the demos we have
done for prospective clients who are now
proud d&b system owners.
Hootie and the Blowfish
George Mason University Center for The Arts
George Mason University, Center for the Arts

This demo was for George Mason University's Center for the Arts, a 2500-seat
George Izenour designed theater space.  The demo system consisted of 16 Q1
line array elements, 4 Q10 full range speakers, 4 Q-SUB subwoofers, 4 Ci80 front
fill speakers, and 5 D12 Amplifiers.    Response to this demonstration system
was unquestionably positive as evidenced by the university's subsequent
purchase of a d&b system.  These speaker systems truly do sell themselves.